Atomic Blonde. All in.

You know what sucked a lot? Kingsmen. You know what looks like it doesn’t suck? This. I didn’t make the 20 minute mark of Kingsmen. Christ, what a turd. I am all in on this. Actual intrigue, charasmatic and interesting lead, exciting action, great humour, style up the yinyang (not “here’s what we think is […]

PALM and A SECRET DEATH – documentary premieres this month!

MONOLITH and YOUNG HENRY’s present… PALM & A SECRET DEATH  “A tour born from common grounds, and forged in new terrain.” Saturday April 22 – Crowbar, Brisbane 6pm, free entry – Wednesday April 26 – Nighthawks, Melbourne 8pm, free entry – PALM // ASD Trailer 2015 from Wilson Bambrick on Vimeo.   Filmed across September […]