Metal in Manila!

So this is sick. SUMMERSLAM XVII 5 Days of Metal Mayhem in Manila! One of Australia’s greatest progressive metal acts, Gods Of Eden have joined forces with the largest and longest running metal festival in South East Asia, Philippines Pulp Summerslam to offer Australian fans a very unique experience!  Philippines Pulp Summerslam XVII takes place on Saturday, April 29 […]


OK, so I am usually pretty lenient/understanding about bands “changing up” their style, probably more than others. I manage bands who have done it, I have done PR for bands who have significantly changed it up (some better than others), I love both pre-and-post Black album Metallica. Fuck me, I even gave Suicide Silence the […]

Old Man Logan.

The Logan trailer is cool and all, and the Johnny Cash Nine Inch Nails Cover as the soundtrack for it is beat-perfect, but man how I wish they could ACTUALLY make Old Man Logan. It’s basically a superhero Unforgiven (with some pretty over-the-top elements thrown in.) Wolverine and a Blind Hawkeye bashing across the US […]