Atomic Blonde. All in.

You know what sucked a lot? Kingsmen. You know what looks like it doesn’t suck? This. I didn’t make the 20 minute mark of Kingsmen. Christ, what a turd. I am all in on this. Actual intrigue, charasmatic and interesting lead, exciting action, great humour, style up the yinyang (not “here’s what we think is […]

Deez Nuts – Binge and Purgatory [Album Review]

Deez Nuts’ new record Binge/Purgatory is out April 7 – and I have to say, I am stoked on it. It doesn’t seem as concerned with “swagger” so much as confidence, and contains far less gimmick, but damn, it goes as hard as previous outings. The back half of the record from track 8’s “Carried […]

REVIEW: Body Count – Bloodlust [ALBUM]

It’s hard to listen to this record from Body Count and not feel like this isn’t an important record. Ice T and the Body Count crew have gone to great lengths with this record to “…break this shit all the way down to the low fucking dirty-ass truth.” In comparison to Manslaughter, their previous effort, […]


OK, so I am usually pretty lenient/understanding about bands “changing up” their style, probably more than others. I manage bands who have done it, I have done PR for bands who have significantly changed it up (some better than others), I love both pre-and-post Black album Metallica. Fuck me, I even gave Suicide Silence the […]