RIP Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore. Truly, the James Bond series of films is what got me into movies across the board. You see, my folks wouldn’t let me, as a young kid, watch anything over a PG rating (which in hindsight, probably fair enough). But one Friday night in 1995 at age 12, we were at our […]

Atomic Blonde. All in.

You know what sucked a lot? Kingsmen. You know what looks like it doesn’t suck? This. I didn’t make the 20 minute mark of Kingsmen. Christ, what a turd. I am all in on this. Actual intrigue, charasmatic and interesting lead, exciting action, great humour, style up the yinyang (not “here’s what we think is […]

Rogue One – Final Trailer.

Wanted to kick off my first post here with something close to my heart. It’s a little late now as it’s just over a week old, but hey, better late than never. Loving the look and feel of Rogue One from this final trailer and if I wasn’t excited before, I sure as hell am […]