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Sydonia are truly hard to describe. Sonically, they may seem an enigma to the unopened mind, but to an open mind they are a beautiful pastiche of euphoric melody, primal rhythm, aggressive riffs and wondrous vocals. Sydonia are truly one of Australia’s most progressive and unique rock/metal outfits.

The band incorporates huge, symphonic guitars with melodic, hooky vocals and pounding, twisted drums and percussion. Although many bands claim to be ‘genre-less’, very few have their praises sung by such luminaries as Randy Blythe from Lamb of God or Jim Root from Slipknot and Stone Sour.

Sydonia have toured with some of the world’s greatest rock and metal acts including Korn, Dead Letter Circus and Mammal and were personally invited to tour throughout Australia with Lamb of God after lead singer, Randy Blythe, heard their debut LP ‘Given To Destroyers’ playing in a record store. The band was also personally invited to open the US tour for Stone Sour and the Australian tours for Slipknot and Machine Head.

One of Australia’s hardest-working and prolific creative outputs in the country, Sydonia have produced eleven releases since 1998 including singles, EPs, an Album, a DVD and their latest DP (EP including a DVD) ‘Waiting For Words That Don’t Exist’. Their music has received airplay on Triple J, Top Ten Request screenings on Channel V and radio play across the country and the world.

Sydonia are set to release their second full-length album, ‘Reality Kicks’, through MGM Distribution on Friday 7 February, 2014.


Sydonia – A Brief History

• Personally invited to tour Australia with Lamb of God (USA) after Randy Blythe heard Sydonia’s OZ debut ‘Given to Destroyers’ playing in an Australian record store.
• First single ‘Sorry’ had multiple screenings on Channel V and remained in the Top Ten Request charts for two months.
• Three singles received Triple J airplay from ‘Given to Destroyers’.
• Toured the east coast of Australia with Stone Sour (USA) who later invited them on tour in the USA.
• Toured the east coast of Australia with Mammal.
• Personally invited to tour Australia with Slipknot (USA) and Machine Head (USA).
• Toured Australia with Dead Letter Circus.
• Legendary Producer/Mixer Colin Richardson mixed Sydonia’s single ‘Ocean of Storms’ which later received Triple J airplay.
• Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe played two songs with Sydonia for their Halloween 2010 ‘Creep Show’ event.
• Supported Korn on their Australian tour.


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