Ezekiel Ox


Management Enquiries: tim@pricewarmusic.com.au
Booking Enquiries: daniels@theharbouragency.com

Ezekiel Ox is one of Australia’s most prolific and outspoken career multidisciplinary artists. His exploits are legendary, whispered about and highly-anticipated in the Australian music scene – the once frontman of Full Scale and Mammal now fronts big, badass rock outfit The Nerve with Lucius Borich, Davarj Thomas and Glenn Proudfoot and also 2-Piece Death-Hop crew Over-Reactor with Cory Blight, formerly of Dukes of Windsor. His solo performances are a mix of acoustic songs, loops and beatboxing, spoken word, impromptu and improvised poetry, a capella, dance and cabaret. The set list and the format of the show is never the same. The topics covered are endless and you will never see it coming. Often divisive, Ox is anything but predictable and that makes him one of Australia’s best.

Ezekiel Ox – A Brief History



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