Tim Price

Tim Price is an independent Music Industry operator with 8 years of experience under his belt and many achievements to his name. Tim began his Music Industry career in Rockhampton, where he booked O’Dowd’s Irish Pub and presented over 200 shows including shows for international, national, touring and local artists. He also began his connection with the wider Music Industry in his role as the Arts QLD A-Venue Project Officer and manager of Gladstone act, Epidemic… Over.

Moving to Brisbane in 2009, Tim took up a role at now-defunct Digital Distributor Musicadium and was recognised as one of 150 prominent young Queensland people in the creative industries as part of the Q150 celebrations.

Tim has experience as a Publicist from his time at Mucho Bravado publicity and has taught Music Business at both Mount Gravatt TAFE & Music Industry College. Previous Pricewar Music artists include The Blackwater Fever and Jackson Dunn.

Tim now runs 3 companies – Pricewar Music (Management of Sydonia, Ezekiel Ox, StormChasers, Booking for The Good Ship and PR for artists like Drawn From Bees, Cypher, Pat Tierney, The Acfields and more), Collision Course PR (Forever the Optimist, Guards of May, Drawcard, These Four Walls, Sydonia and more) and Underscore Agency (Sydonia, Bound For Ruin, Darkc3ll, Guards of May, Forever the Optimist, Drawcard, Spitfireliar) & is partner in regional mini-festival El Grande Festival (Dead Letter Circus, Sietta, The Getaway Plan, Evil Eddie, Helm, Strangers).

Tim has also been a drummer in various bands, been a stage manager, artist liaison, graphic designer and more.


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