DEADLIGHTS Release Video for ‘The Mad Scientist’ Off Debut Album Mesma


Brisbane post-hardcore outfit Deadlights have put their heart and soul into thinking outside the box when it has come to their debut album Mesma. This is no more apparent than in the video for their third single ‘The Mad Scientist’, a song that deals with the concept of people imposing their will upon others; so the band hired hypnotist Chris Phoenix to not only play the lead role in the video, but to hypnotise the band as well, to truly put themselves in this frame of mind. Mesma will be released via Greyscale Records this Friday, pre-orders can be made here HERE.

Watch ‘The Mad Scientist’ Here:

“The Mad Scientist is a song about how irrational beliefs can be used to twist free will.” Explains vocalist Dylan Davidson. “Hypnotism is the sped up process of this, implanting suggestions into an unconscious mind. We thought there’s no better way to encapsulate the meaning of the song than to actually be under its influence.”

The band is playing their album launch show this Friday at Crowbar in Brisbane, alongside The Comfort, Vitals, and Vaela. They’ve also announced they will be touring the country alongside fellow Greyscale signing Belle Haven, as well as Adelaide’s Ambleside, in June.

Mesma will be released on the 21st of April 2017 via Greyscale Records – PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE HERE