What fans can expect from the first live action Justice League movie

HAR_DM_FIRST LOOK RND F04(image credit: comingsoon.net)

Batman Vs. Superman clearly showed the direction that DC wants to take its mainstream superheroes in the coming years. Compared to most of Marvel’s movies that are relatively family-friendly, the movie featuring Ben Affleck as the iconic Caped Crusader was equally dark as it was brutal.

The superheroes in Marvel’s first Avengers movie united to defeat a common foe. In Batman Vs. Superman, however, Gotham’s Dark Knight Detective was dead-set on killing Superman. In contrast to previous Batman movies, this time, he was going against his morals in terms of killing another human being.

Batman Vs. Superman isn’t your archetypal DC film. And many critics and fans voiced their displeasure due this irregular turn of events. The reviews were unforgiving, which is probably what prompted DC to change the direction of their future movies.

According to an interview with Affleck, the upcoming Justice League movie will have a completely different tone.

“Justice League, you probably saw the teaser that came out of Comic-Con, I thought it is nicely emblematic of the kind of minor tone shift and segue in storytelling,” Affleck told Cineplex Magazine. “It’s a little bit lighter, the characters are a little bit more comfortable in themselves, so they can express a wider array of emotions. And there are just more people in it, so it’s more fun. It’s all of these different characters bumping up against each other and the team dynamic offers a lot of dramatic possibility.”

As for Batman’s character in the Justice League movie, Affleck said that fans will see a Batman that’s at the peak of his powers. Affleck thinks it will be the most intimidating and ferocious Batman ever seen on the silver screen.

“He’s older and wiser, I guess,” added Affleck. “And he was pretty pissed off in Batman Vs. Superman, but now it’s not about finding revenge in Justice League, it’s about protecting the Earth. So the feel is different.”

Batman is without doubt one of the most popular comic book character ever produced by DC and continues to be a major needle mover. Apart from the fact that Batman Begins was able to pull in $72.9 million in its opening week alone – which broke the five-day opening record set by several other superhero movies – many video game titles were also created in Bruce Wayne’s honour. Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of the most successful games on Steam right now, with the title bagging the Best Game Award in the 2010 edition of the BAFTAs. There’s also a game called The Dark Knight Rises that targets a more mature audience, which is being hosted on the relatively new gaming site BGT Games. Video games have always been a crucial part of the marketing machine behind Batman, which is why experts foresee a surge of new DC games in the lead up to the release of the Justice League and the new Batman movie later this year.

When asked about the progress of his individual Batman movies, Affleck said that the movie’s cast and crew are working on it little by little in order to get everything right. He added that the movie is looking good, and he is excited to work on it.