OK, so I am usually pretty lenient/understanding about bands “changing up” their style, probably more than others. I manage bands who have done it, I have done PR for bands who have significantly changed it up (some better than others), I love both pre-and-post Black album Metallica. Fuck me, I even gave Suicide Silence the benefit of the doubt after Doris, but that’s just… not a good direction. (And they really didn’t handle that backlash well.)

I saw the backlash on Facebook before I even heard the song and thought, “Man, come on, can’t be THAT BAD, they were on an upswing back to crunchy guitars and semi-ish heavy/aggressiv-ish music again.” HOLY SHIT I WAS WRONG.

Changing it up to match trends or to get on to commercial radio/more commercial radio play just… stinks. Actually, fuck it, this isn’t even the first time they’ve done this… just not this horrifically. This doesn’t even get a pass as a Chester Bennington solo track. It sure as fuck doesn’t sound like ANYONE ELSE in Linkin Park played on this, or had a hand in it at all – actually, it barely sounds like Chester either, to be honest. Perhaps it’s actually a conversation with Chester where they’ve chopped his words up, auto-tuned it into a song and put it out without his knowledge. Fucking Coldplay would turn this down.

This also, is not an “old man” rant about how music has changed and that I am not “with it” anymore, though I am probably not with “it” anymore and I can readily admit that – ask anyone who plays Songpop against me – my kryptonite is any playlist named “Hits of Today”, “Hits of 2013” or anything NOT “Hard Rock 2000s” “80s Pop Collection” or “90s Alternative”. I just admitted to playing Songpop on an open forum. THANKS LINKIN PARK.

Actually, upon reflection (and maybe I have fonder memories of it than others as One Step Closer was one of the first songs I learned on Drums – I was squarely in their target demo at the time being 17) they may actually not deserve the fond memories we afford them of their first two albums. Maybe they were fucking rubbish all along. Because DAMN, their career since Meteora is PATCHY AS FUCK. Fuck this song too, while I’m at it, I thought this was bad when they put it out, but I’ll take this shit EVERY DAY OF THE FUCKING WEEK over this new rubbish.

Look, I am sure Nova will add this song and erryone gon’ be all up on dis.  Good for you, Linkin Park. FUCK. Christ, it’s bad.