Old Man Logan.

The Logan trailer is cool and all, and the Johnny Cash Nine Inch Nails Cover as the soundtrack for it is beat-perfect, but man how I wish they could ACTUALLY make Old Man Logan. It’s basically a superhero Unforgiven (with some pretty over-the-top elements thrown in.) Wolverine and a Blind Hawkeye bashing across the US in the Spider-Mobile, fighting inbred Hulk-descendents of Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters, saving Peter Parker’s granddaughter only to find that she’s a villain anyway, decapitating the Red Skull, Wolverine flying home in the Iron Man suit only to find his family dead anyway, then having the Hulk eat him, only to burst out of him later and steal Bruce Banner’s baby and raise it. The end.

Which, upon comparison, is nothing like the film we are going to get, other than that Logan is old. Which is not to say it’s not going to be good. I just wish Marvel were united in it’s film interests. Would be so amazing to see this film. It’s just so batshit insane. AND SO GOOD.