Sydonia – 2014 in retrospect

We’ve had what could be described as a large one.

By John Raptis on November 24, 2014 –

Acquired a fantastic new manager in the one and only Tim Price, check. 2nd album ‘Reality Kicks’ released, check. Entertaining Pozible campaign so we could tour the Album, Check. Distribution of the record through MGM Distribution, Check. National tour in support of said Album with great friends Helm and Red Bee, plus Tempest Rising in WA, check. Loads of radio spins from Lochlan Watt from triple j, Higgo from MMM Distortion, Haugy from AndrewHaugRadio, The Aussie Alternative, Cat Unwrapped (THANK YOU!!!!) and so many more to mention, check, Showcase at Brisbane’s Big Sound, Check. Score an ace support slot with Trivium and In Flames, check.

As you can see, that’s quite a busy 2014.

Now as the year winds to a close we find ourselves already almost halfway through writing our 3rd album. It’s going to be heavier and faster, but still very much us and, all going well, you’ll get to hear it come mid to late 2015. To all the Fans, Family, Friends, Media and people who have helped us this year….

Much Glove.