2012 (Not the Shitty John Cusack film) – Pricewar Music


Well, I can honestly say that if the world ends on December 22, as the Mayans supposedly predicted, that Pricewar Music collectively and personally packed a HELL of a lot in, with absolutely no regrets, a lot of cheers, success, excitement, some tears, a lot of hard work, but most awesome of all, we did it with loads of family around us. I know I would like to take this moment to thank Emma-Kay for being an absolute pillar of support and the one who talked sense into me when I needed it and I am (mostly) confident she feels the same. I would also like to thank Epidemic… Over, The Good Ship, StormChasers and Jackson Dunn (and by extension, Matthew Barker, a bit of a surrogate Pricewar artist this year) for bringing so much great music into this world and for brightening the world with their tunes.

The Pricewar Music family expanded exponentially this year and it was the best thing we ever could have done. Emma-Kay and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved with Pricewar Music this year. We have had the best year of our lives and we hope to be living the dream even bigger and better in 2013.

As I have said before, Pricewar Music is a family (and it stems from Epidemic… Over’s idea of being brothers in music) and we now have an extended family of 20 Musicians, 2 Managers and 1 Intern.

In terms of goals and achievements this year, I can honestly say we have smashed it out of the park personally, for the business and for our artists. Everyone’s expectations in terms of shows, sales and achievements have ended up being exceeded on pretty much all levels and I can only see it raising in the new year.

We started the year with 1 and ended with 4 artists. Epidemic… Over – the boys who I (Tim) have been with since day 1, back in 2007. Early in the year, EK took on longtime friend, Jackson Dunn and we took on the co-management of StormChasers, after Tim had a meeting meeting with Paddy, Mikey and Beau. I must admit, I didn’t expect to walk away from that meeting thinking, Yep, I am going to manage those guys! They were so on the ball, so enthusiastic and full of potential, I had to be involved. It was definitely one of the best decisions I made this year. Their progress this year has been phenomenal. Later in the year, I signed up to work with The Good Ship, who are incredibly accomplished and established already and it is the step up that I have needed. It’s definitely been a learning year for me and in 2013, I intend on making Pricewar Music an incredible management agency (with other plans being hatched as well in other fields).

It was a big year for E…O. January saw Epidemic… Over play the hi-fi in Brisbane for the first time and headline to a fantastic crowd. They and I were in the throes of planning their launch tour and release for Long Way Home through MGM Distribution, which I had been working on since October 2011. February bought the Adelaide FUSE Festival and an excellent bonding experience for the 5 of us and set Pricewar and E…O off on the two month long tour through March and April, playing shows with Closure in Moscow, Strangers, Over-Reactor, HELM, The Mission in Motion, Shinobi, Siren Lines and more, across QLD, NSW and VIC at venues like the Espy, the Bondi beach road hotel, Tempo, King’s Beach Tavern, Byron’s Great Northern Hotel and more, as well as a JB Hi-Fi instore performance. A highly commended in the QMA Awards for The Stone came in July. A short break, then a show with Dead Letter Circus, Fair to Midland and Twelve Foot Ninja at the Hi-Fi and a sweet Zoo gig in June saw the start of a break for Epidemic… Over, so that Nathan could embrace a new role, Father. September saw Mila, Nathan’s Daughter, born. November has seen them round out the year with shows with Strangers, Breaking Orbit and Electric Horse with the release of Exceptions! Their final show for 2012 is this weekend and we will definitely be raising a glass together to celebrate a great year together. 2013 brings writing and recording again, for their debut album!

Jackson Dunn has been our total dark horse this year – in terms of festivals, he has got the most out of all of our artists. Byron Bay Bluesfest, Red Deer Festival, Brisbane Festival and more. He recorded in the middle of the year and though there were some hiccups, Joe Panetta at Wavelength Studios got the record over the line and Jackson’s EP ‘Relax and Let it Roll’ has gone great guns. His song Highriser, was played ad nauseum across the country on Community Radio, it was in the top 10 played tracks on AMRAP Airit for 2 months running, which was awesome, considering the company he was in! EK and I were two very proud Managers at Bluesfest and at Red Deer Festival. His tour with Matthew Barker was a success and it provided a plethora of laughs seeing the two of them out on the road together.

StormChasers are the young whippersnappers of the Pricewar Crew and it has been so awesome seeing them grow in songwriting, on the stage and in themselves over the course of this year. For a band who hadn’t ever played a show outside of Brisbane before signing to Pricewar, this year saw them get down to Byron Bay a few times, up to Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast and Yeppoon a few times, played with The Good Ship a few times and then on tour with The Beards and Kim Churchill (big thanks to Chelsea Sinnott!!!!) all the way to Cairns! It’s hard to believe that it has been less than 12 months that we have been with StormChasers, they have come so far in such a short time. 2 releases this year – Homemade Lemonade and single The Window (with two b-sides), and now spot rotation on triple j with a couple of tracks – The Window and Saturday Afternoon Conserve and 2013 is looking so promising for them with their first tour outside of Queensland planned for March! Special mention has to go to Liam Ahern who has been number 1 tour manager and pal to the band, as well.

The Good Ship are already firing up for a huge 2013, but 2012 was the year that they really began to connect all the way down the east coast. The release of O’ Exquisite Corpse saw them selling out venues and shipping (ha!) out truckloads of the CD to fans everywhere. The launch show in July saw an utterly packed out night, even amongst a seriously crowded evening of shows, right across Brisbane. Big Sound and AWME showcases were highlights and next year is looking good for international showcases and tours. AWESOME!

Big Sound also produced another result – sharing office space with Stephen Green’s SGC New Media in Bowen Hills. This has added so much professionalism and productivity to worktime for Pricewar Music.

This year was also the year that I joined Bertie Page Clinic as their drummer, which not only gave me the opportunity to play at some awesome Australian venues, such as the Vanguard in Sydney and Wesley Anne in Melbourne, we played the Sydney Mardi Gras. To top it all off, I joined them on their 2 week tour of France and Germany in September, straight after Big Sound. My first overseas travel was amazing, mindblowing, rewarding and so much more. If you ever go to France, I suggest you check out FLUNCH. Hahahaha! It’s basically a french Sizzler, except way more confusing and they don’t give a fuck if you slip over on the litres of water they have left lying on the ground. I have to say a HUGE thank you to Miranda and John for helping me get over there, I wouldn’t have been able to get there if not for them and for that opportunity, I am eternally grateful. Bless!

To top it all off, I was then added to the AMIN CONTROL program, where I spent the first part of the mentorship program  in late November in Terrigal, NSW with 15 other artists managers from around the country, being broken down and built back up by incredible managers like Cath Haridy (Eskimo Joe, Jebediah), Will Larnach-Jones (The Presets) and Andy Kelly (Something For Kate, Lanie Lane). It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and inspiration to better the business of Pricewar Music. To top it off, I have also just received word that I received an Association of Artist Managers mentorship with Stu McCullough (Last Dinosaurs), starting very early in the new year.

All in all, it’s been an amazing year, with so much potential to grow and expand in the new year. This year has been the most rewarding year of my life. Thank you to my parents and family for their ongoing and building support. I know next year will be even bigger and better!




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