Old Man Logan.

The Logan trailer is cool and all, and the Johnny Cash Nine Inch Nails Cover as the soundtrack for it is beat-perfect, but man how I wish they could ACTUALLY make Old Man Logan. It’s basically a superhero Unforgiven (with some pretty over-the-top elements thrown in.) Wolverine and a Blind Hawkeye bashing across the US […]

Rogue One – Final Trailer.

Wanted to kick off my first post here with something close to my heart. It’s a little late now as it’s just over a week old, but hey, better late than never. Loving the look and feel of Rogue One from this final trailer and if I wasn’t excited before, I sure as hell am […]


Pricewar is now an outlet for my thoughts on new music I love, news I want to share and my thoughts on new films, TV shows and Comics I check out. Probably a bunch of pop culture and memes too. I work with a tonne of great heavy music and bands at Collision Course – […]